Strangers’ Friend Clock

Five Facts about the clock

1) A Cornish excise officer called James Chubb was appointed as the first steward of the Bristol Strangers’ Friend Society.

2) The penny a week which members of the society agreed to pay equates to £1.60 per week in today’s money.

3) This wall clock is early 19th century making it one of the newer items in our collection!

4) The clock has had an electric mechanism fitted making it battery powered.

5) The Bristol branch of the Strangers’ Friend Society still operates today and holds its annual general meeting at John Wesley’s New Room.

About the clock

The Strangers’ Friend Society was founded in London in 1785 by a Methodist retired soldier called John Gardner. Its members agreed to pay a penny a week to help poor, sick, and friendless strangers. A branch of this society was formed in Bristol, ‘for the purpose of visiting and relieving the sick and distressed strangers…’ This wall clock was presented to the Strangers’ Friend Society in 1825 by Robert Williams, William Thomas and Edward Brice.

"Really excellent - I will be recommending it to friends" - Museum visitor

How to find this item:

Once you are in John Wesley's Study you should be able to hear the clock ticking

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