Room 2 Object Highlights

Original Housekeeper's Sink

This was the sink used by the Housekeeper of the New Room. Sarah Perrin was appointed for the role of Housekeeper by John Wesley in 1743.

In this room you will hear the story of Sarah Perrin, the New Room Housekeeper. The task of managing a household was a highly regarded responsibility in the 18th century, so the position of Housekeeper would have been a well respected role. Sarah not only managed the cooking, cleaning and washing, but also led class groups and encouraged people to read the hymns and books being produced.

Sarah commenting on her role as Housekeeper in a letter to Charles Wesley -

"I think I may venture to say love abounds more and more among us. It seems as if we are now striving which should show the most kindness."

"Oh may I learn to speak the truth with boldness, I should be willing to have less sweetness in exchange for the gift of edifying others."

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