No Place like Home

  • Listen to Chris talk about cleaning the Wesley statues
  • Listen to Robert talk about his mother, Marion, riding his Raleigh runabout in the courtyard
  • Listen to Stephen talk about a bomb scare in the Horsefair

Rites of Passage

  • Listen to Anthony talk about a double baptism he took in 1992
  • Listen to Margaret talk about her wedding in 1965
  • Listen to Philippa talk about her son, Robert’s, baptism in 1990
  • Listen to Margaret and Judith talk about Fred Lindsay’s memorial service in 1987

Marking 1738

  • Hear more stories about Wesley Day from David Weeks, Mark, Martin and Rachel

A Sense of Occasion

  • Listen to Mandy and Ward talk about Tony Benn’s memorial service which was held at the New Room in 2014
  • Listen to Mandy and Martin talk about BBC’s Poldark being filmed in the chapel

At Service

  • Listen to Frank talk about establishing the Friday lunchtime Communion services

All are Welcome

  • Listen to Bob talk about an American choir visiting
  • Listen to Constance talk about a man visiting whilst being on the phone to his mother in the Caribbean
  • Listen to Mark talk about the New Room hosting Stop the War meetings
  • Listen to Rachel talk about coming to the New Room after collecting her husband’s death certificate

Before the Horsefair Project

  • Listen to Mark talk about researching the decoration of the chapel and repainting it in its original colours

Transforming the New Room

  • Hear Gary talk about his reasoning behind suggesting the Horsefair Project
  • Hear Mandy talk about her experience of working at the New Room in the midst of the building project and about school groups who visited the site
John Wesley on horseback
Horsefair project
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