Key Stage One

This lesson can be bought as a resource and can also be delivered online or during a visit to a classroom by a member of our education team. On site visits to the New Room can also be booked.

Lesson 1 – John Wesley and His Horse (approx 1 hour)

Learning Objectives:

To find out about John Wesley and his horse, Gospel

To remember facts about John Wesley from an animated film

To think about how John Wesley told everyone to be kind to each other and how we can do that today.

Suitable for: online lesson or classroom visit by a member of our team (if you would  like to arrange a class visit to the New Room, please contact us to discuss)

Outline of Lesson: (Powerpoint and resources supplied)

  • Introduction and sharing of animated film, followed by questions and discussion
  • Discussion about what John Wesley wore and why it is different to what we wear (potential to have a child dress up in child-sized Wesley costume here)
  • Short talk about the issues John Wesley thought were important
  • Thinking about how we can be kind to people
  • Suggested classroom activities: make clay models of Wesley’s horse; create artwork based on one of his sayings; work together to produce short drama pieces about being kind to others.
  • Advanced: consider John Wesley’s saying ‘The World is My Parish’ and create some artwork containing flags of the world.

National Curriculum Links:

KS1 History:

  • the lives of significant individuals in the past who have contributed to national and international achievements
  • significant historical events, people and places in their own locality


  • How should we live our lives? (How do some stories from religions and beliefs and the example set by some people show me what to do?)



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