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Resources for Wesley Day and Aldersgate Sunday

May 24th is 'Wesley Day' or 'Aldersgate Day' in the Methodist calendar.

It's the day which marks a significant event in John Wesley's life which some people call his 'conversion experience'.

On May 24th 1738, Wesley writes in his journal that he went "very unwillingly" to a religious meeting in Aldersgate Street, London. During the meeting, at about a quarter before nine, he felt his heart strangely warmed and had a very powerful experience of knowing God's love, in the power of the Holy Spirit. His faith changed from being an experience of the mind to an experience in his heart and soul. He knew without a doubt that he was loved by God and saved through the grace of Jesus Christ.

Aldersgate Sunday is marked on the Sunday either before or after May 24th when many Methodists give thanks for John and Charles Wesley and consider their legacy and continued challenge to faith, mission and discipleship now.

The New Room team has compiled some resources on the theme of Aldersgate which are free to download from this page.

An Aldersgate Service for a Group of Readers  by Gary Best

An Order for Communion Wesley Day A5 booklet by Norman Wallwork

An Order of Communion Wesley Day A4 by Norman Wallwork

Messy Church - Wesley's Wise Words by Christine Slatcher

Hymn Suggestions


Journal Entry 24 May 1738

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