Origami Workshop

Join us for a fun and interactive Origami Workshops in August

The workshop is run by Tony O’Hare who is the Chairperson of the British Origami Society. Children and families will have the chance to make a mixture of origami creations; aimed to be simple and fun, but with some more challenging creations for the older children depending on the ages attending. Children might make a mixture of jumping frogs, the longest flying paper aeroplanes, and baseball hats for example.

A partnership between John Wesley’s New Room and BAND (Bristol Association for Neighbourhood Daycare).

Tuesdays 8 August, 11am-12pm

Thursday 31st August, 11am-12pm (rescheduled from 15 August)

Free events

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John Wesley's New Room

John Wesley’s New Room is a heritage site in the heart of Bristol. It houses a museum, library, café, events and hire space. It is home to the original 18th century chapel that started the Methodist movement.

It also houses an award-winning Café and a vast reference Library. John Wesley’s New Room hosts a range of art, music and family events and is also available to hire.

Explore the Museum of John & Charles Wesley’s life and work in Bristol.

John Wesley’s New Room is the oldest Methodist building in the world, located right in the heart of Bristol city centre. Founded in 1739 by John Wesley, the New Room became the cradle of the worldwide Methodist movement.

This is the place that completes the story of Bristol. This is the Room that changed the World.

It is a place where everyone is welcome to explore, step back, take time, reconnect and recharge.

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