Community Choir Spring Concert

Embark on a musical journey with our community choir, and let their enchanting melodies uplift your spirits!

Enjoy our community choir concert on your lunch break and support this wonderful group in their love for singing.

Contribute to the harmony! Your generous donations make a world of difference, supporting the continued excellence of our choir. Join us in nurturing the power of music.


Concert Information

  • Date: Wednesday 27 March

  • Venue: John Wesley’s New Room

  • Pricing: Free, donations welcome


Enjoy Your Lunch Break at Our Award-winning Cafe Bar 

Enjoy post-concert bliss with a delightful selection of drinks and refreshments at our cafe.

Indulge in our daily array of homemade cakes and desserts, lovingly crafted to add a sweet touch to your day. Savour a hot drink, a locally crafted beer, or a bowl of delicious soup as you anticipate the upcoming performance!


Eager to Join our Extraordinary Community Choir?

Our Choir meet in the chapel every Wednesday lunchtime during term time, 12noon-1pm.

With a varied repertoire of pop, folk, rock, jazz, blues and gospel, and open to requests for your favourite tunes, the New Room Community Choir hopes to bring people together through singing.

No auditions, no need to read music – everyone is welcome!  For our choir leaders, the idea of the New Room Choir is to create a relaxed space to enjoy singing together and have fun learning new songs.



John Wesley's New Room

John Wesley’s New Room is a heritage site in the heart of Bristol. It houses a museum, library, café, events and hire space. It is home to the original 18th century chapel that started the Methodist movement.

It also houses an award-winning Café and a vast reference Library. John Wesley’s New Room hosts a range of art, music and family events and is also available to hire.

Explore the Museum of John & Charles Wesley’s life and work in Bristol.

John Wesley’s New Room is the oldest Methodist building in the world, located right in the heart of Bristol city centre. Founded in 1739 by John Wesley, the New Room became the cradle of the worldwide Methodist movement.

This is the place that completes the story of Bristol. This is the Room that changed the World.

It is a place where everyone is welcome to explore, step back, take time, reconnect and recharge.

Learn more