The Biber Recorder Duo – Lunchtime Recital

The Biber Recorder Duo are a Bristol based duo playing virtuosic repertoire for one and two recorders who take their name from the Bohemian-Austrian composer and violinist Heinrich Ignaz Franz von Biber.  Jen Mackerras and Tim Lanfear will be returning to the New Room for another lunchtime recital.

Lunchtime recitals are free, with a retiring collection.

Tim Lanfear

Tim Lanfear from Biber Recorder Duo

Jen Mackerras

Jen Mackerras from Biber Recorder Duo

Jen Mackerras

Jen first picked up a recorder when she was six. What started off as a great way to avoid having to sit in class for the last lesson of the afternoon turned into a lifelong passion for the instrument and its music, especially the modern repertoire. She studied with Miggs Coggan, composer Mike Irik and composer/player Zana Clarke (of early music group Cantigas and head of Australian publishers Orpheus Music), and attained her Associate Diploma in 1990.

Jen teaches Alexander Technique privately, and is Alexander Technique tutor at Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama, Cardiff.

Tim Lanfear

Tim started playing the recorder as a child when he was given a recorder and tutor to keep him occupied for an afternoon. He was taught by Malcolm Davies. He also has served as chair of the Bristol Branch of the Society of Recorder players.

Tim works in high-performance computing, currently for NVIDIA.Why Jen and Tim formed the Biber Duo

Jen and Tim met as founder members of the Pink Noise Recorder Quintet. After playing together for a number of years, they decided to explore the wealth of repertoire for two recorders, and to enjoy the discipline and depth of communication the duet music requires. They love playing together, and can’t wait to bring audiences into the sound world and dialogue of recorder duet music.

  • 26th January 2018 1:30 pm - 2:00 pm
  • 1:30 pm

New Room

The New Room in Bristol is the oldest Methodist Chapel in the world (originally built in 1739) and the cradle of the early Methodist movement.

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