Exhibition: 250 Thoughts Upon Slavery

New Exhibition “250 Thoughts Upon Slavery” Commemorates the 250th Anniversary of John Wesley’s Influential Pamphlet


“250 Thoughts Upon Slavery,” a poignant new exhibition marking the 250th anniversary of John Wesley’s influential pamphlet, “Thoughts Upon Slavery.” The exhibition aims to raise awareness about the ongoing issue of modern slavery through impactful messages from campaigners, charity workers, Methodists, and heritage professionals.

This new exhibition not only commemorates this historic publication but also addresses the disturbing reality that slavery persists today.
Nearly 50 million people currently live in conditions of modern slavery, which includes human trafficking, forced labor, debt bondage, child slavery, forced marriage, and domestic servitude.
These exploitative practices involve control, abuse, and the violation of human rights for personal or commercial gain.

“In the 18th century it was the voices and actions of ordinary working members of the New Room which made an impact in the fight for social justice. Here at John Wesley’s New Room we use our historic collection and other resources to bring to life the story and legacy of the Wesleys, offering space for reflection, and inspiring people to make a difference to the world around them,” said Kate Rogers, Co-Director – Collections.

“There is still much work to do – and on this 250th anniversary year, let’s follow in their footsteps, until all are safe and all are free.” 

Come visit the exhibition and share your thoughts with us!


Information of the New Exhibition

  • Dates: Monday 1 July – Saturday 26 October

  • Venue: The Museum at John Wesley’s New Room

  • Price: Free with normal admission


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