100 First World War Advertisements Exhibition

Over the past few weeks a group of Collections volunteers at the New Room have been making their way through the First World War editions of The Methodist Recorder held in the Library at the New Room. They have drawn out 100 thought-provoking advertisements with the aim of generating discussion around the nature of promotion during times of great trial. These advertisements have been photographed and will form part of an exhibition display in the Chapel at the New Room during the month of November. The display will be supplemented with articles from the Methodist Recorder and reflective comments from volunteers highlighting some of their observations.

As you look through the adverts you will be acutely aware that they are very much, ‘of their time’, however, in our age of ‘fake news’ there are some surprising parallels. As Christians, we hope this display will remind us of how we can be salt and light to a world so saturated with ‘alternative facts’, as well as challenge us to ask ourselves the question, where is it that we turn in times of great trial?

Click on the dates below to view a selection of First World War advertisements and articles from the Methodist Recorder.

1914 Adverts,   1914 Articles

1915 Adverts,   1915 Articles

1916 Adverts,   1916 Articles

1917 Adverts,   1917 Articles

1918 Adverts,   1918 Articles

Free exhibition, in association with the First World War Centenary.  On display in the Chapel at the New Room throughout the month of November 2018.

#Lestweforget Poppies

As part of this season of remembrance and reflection visitors will be invited to leave a message, prayer or the name of someone they wish to be remembered on our poppy display board.


  • 1st November 2018 10:30 am - 30th November 2018 4:00 pm
  • 10:30 am

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