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Digitising the Photography Collection

In August 2019 we welcomed Cora Inglis for a week of work experience. Cora is studying Early Modern History and was keen to develop her skills in the library and archives of the New Room. As part of her week, Cora was set the task of cataloguing and digitising part of our photography collection. Have a look through our gallery of photographs below to see pictures of the New Room from the 1920s to the early 1970s.

Here is Cora describing one of her favourite postcards:

John Wesley Statue

“Some of the postcards that I catalogued, like this one, had pictures of “The Bristol Equestrian Memorial” that stands in the Broadmead courtyard. The memorial has the statue of John Wesley on his horse. One fascinating fact I learned about him was that he travelled over 250,000 miles on horseback! John Wesley was a travelling preacher and often preached outside. Preaching outside would have made it easier for him to attract large crowds of people who could then spread the gospel to other people on the streets by word of mouth."

Access to the photographic archive of the New Room can be arranged by appointment. Please contact Kate Rogers, Collections Manager or call 01179264740.  The copyright for these photographs belongs to (c) The New Room, John Wesley's Chapel, all rights reserved. Please do not reproduce any of these photographs without prior permission.

“I’ve had a memorable experience and learnt so much; I would recommend the New Room to other history lovers.”

Cora, work experience student, 2019

Before 1929-30 Restoration...

After 1929-30 Restoration...

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