A Piece of Chalk

1) This piece of chalk was made by a young person from Brazil.

2) It was presented to the head teacher of Kingswood School in 1998

3) The chalk features a tiny carving of John Wesley’s head and a Bible

4) Kingswood School was founded in 1748 by John Wesley.

5) It is still running today and is now an independent school in Bath.

About the Chalk

This piece of chalk is completely unique – it is the only one of its kind in the world. Look closely – the head of John Wesley and a small Bible have been carved into the top of a normal stick of chalk. The detail is amazing! The chalk was carved by a pupil from a school attached to the Methodist University of Piracicaba in Brazil. It was presented to the headmaster of Kingswood School to mark Kingswood’s 250th anniversary in 1998. Kingswood School was founded by John Wesley on the outskirts of Bristol and opened in 1748. The aim was to be ‘a model Christian school’ and it offered classes for children aged between six and 14, as well as study facilities for preachers. Kingswood School still exists and now operates as an independent school, now located on a larger site in Bath.

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How to find this item

Take a walk into the main Common Room of the Museum, look for a room featuring a map on the floor and then find a HUGE pile of books.

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