Friday Reflection – 9th April 2021

The New Room has been sharing a Friday reflection each week. We hope that these short reflections act as a point of spiritual focus, enabling a moment of quiet thought and prayer.

Today’s Friday Reflection is from our current Vice President Carolyn Lawrence.

Based on Luke 24 vs 13 – 35

I wonder if you’ve ever been lost. A motorist in a strange town stopped a pedestrian to ask for directions to a certain street. After much deliberation the pedestrian said, ‘Well let’s put it this way – if I was going there I wouldn’t start from here!’

How much more helpful if he had said, let me come along with you and show you the way. In the story of Jesus’ appearance on the Emmaus Road we see Jesus coming alongside the bewildered and grief stricken disciples and helping them with their difficulty. As he walked with them he listens to their sorrow and hurt and helped them to make sense of the situation they were in by explaining the Scriptures to them. When they arrived at their destination he didn’t force his way in to their home but waited to be invited.

Many of you will be facing difficult situations in your lives today – perhaps grieving the loss of a loved one or a broken relationship, maybe feeling worried about your health, finances, jobs, families and the general uncertainty in our world today. Just as Jesus walked with those early disciples, he promises to be alongside you in all the challenges you face and assures us he will never leave us. He is listening to the cries of our hearts and wanting to bring his peace, strength, guidance and comfort to our lives. And he is waiting to be invited in – to your heart and life and into all the details and concerns that you face today. I would encourage you today to reach out to the Lord, relax in his love and let yourself become aware of his faithful and strong arms carrying you and being alongside you as he was with those disciples on the road to Emmaus.


Picture the things you will be doing later today and during this week. Now picture Jesus alongside you enjoying being there, strengthening you, comforting you, helping you, protecting you, giving you wisdom, encouraging you, challenging you.


Lord Jesus thank you for your promise that you are with us always to the end of the age. Help us to invite you into every area of our lives and may we know your presence in all we do. May our hearts warm within us as we recognize you there. Amen.